Pragyan Advisory

Management Consultancy/ Leadership Consultancy


Pragyan Advisory is a management consulting firm based in Gurgaon, Haryana who partner with clients to develop and implement customized leadership and ability-building solutions, build healthy and well-performing teams and unlock the potential of culture and values.


Pragyan Advisory


4-5 weeks for website development

Business Type

Management Consultancy/Leadership Consultancy


  1. Creation of a brand image of international standard
  2. Creation of an elegant professional-looking leadership management website along with a Content Management System(CMS)
  3. Maintaining an online presence and promoting their business and services across various digital platforms.


1. Logo Creation

We created a logo that could resonate with the vision of Pragyan Advisory.

Significance of the Logo

Pragyan is a Sanskrit word that is used to refer to the highest and purest form of wisdom, intelligence, and understanding. The Samarkan font used in the logo presents the essence of this thought. The blue colour in the background is the colour of the sky and sea and is associated with depth, expanse, and vastness. The tree represents interdependent growth, development, and prosperity. White symbolizes perfection, peace, purity, and wholeness. Leaves represent the blossoming of subtle intellect accentuated by the yellow, the colour of wisdom and knowledge. The moon symbolizes appreciation for change and impermanence. The calm human face with closed eyes is an embodiment of all the above qualities ready to manifest in an individual, who has the potential of becoming an authentic leader.

2. UI Creation

After repeated sessions with the founders of the Pragyan Advisory, we finalized the kind of services they have to offer to their customers. The landing page was made in a way that users could get the maximum information about Pragyan the moment they visited this page. The fonts were chosen in accordance with the business type. Since Pragyan is a leadership-consultancy firm, the fonts that have been used are corporate fonts like Helvetica. Images were chosen in a way that complements the theme of the website and aligns with the colour scheme.


The primary objective was to create a website which states their services clearly and also encompasses the vision of the firm. We built a website maintaining all the development standards keeping in mind the colour and font they wanted. Also, the website is fully SEO optimized. It was built taking all the SEO standards into consideration i.e. meta descriptions of optimal length, meta-tags and alt text to all the images on the website.

Secondly, we created an extremely user-friendly and secure CMS which they could use to update blogs with a single click. The CMS is dynamically SEO-optimized i.e. meta-tags, meta-descriptions and alt tags are dynamically added to the content that is updated using the CMS. 

Emails are automatically sent to people who subscribe to the website. This was made to ensure that the website is more client-centric. Also, the blogs and articles on the website can be downloaded in PDF format as and when the user wants. 


The website was deployed using the best server architecture so that a single point of failure could be avoided and the website uptime is always high. The website is fully secured by a Secure Socket Layer(SSL) certificate. Best Content Delivery Network(CDN)  standards and caching policies were implemented to deliver the content fast and efficiently.

Blogs published on the website were also added to the Medium page of Pragyan Advisory to increase the number of backlinks and divert the traffic to their website. 

A LinkedIn page was created to promote the business on the digital platform. Since the consultancy primarily targets businesses, LinkedIn was the best platform to flourish. A constant flow of posts was maintained to increase the organic reach of the page.

Colour Scheme


Font used in the logo: Samarkan

Font used for the website content: Helvetica Neue

Customer Review

“The Meta Marketing team did a great job of setting up the website for our company Pragyan Advisory, as well as partnering with us in executing the digital marketing support for more than half a year. We wish the Meta Marketing team all the best!”

~ Vivek Tiwari