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Solar Solutions


Klassic Energy is a leading comprehensive provider of solar solutions with a proven record of solar installations – both commercial and residential. Their modules are designed by industry experts & their solutions have been installed & commissioned in the Perth region and throughout WA. Their team of accredited experts work on the end-end deployment of solar solutions backed by sound processes, internationally acclaimed design methodology & robust asset management.


Klassic Energy


4-5 days for website development

Business Type

Solar Solutions


  1. Creation of a brand image of international standard
  2. Revamping the website into a more interactive and aesthetically appealing one so as to improve audience retention.
  3. Understanding the target audience of Australia and developing the website accordingly.
  4. Maintaining an online presence and promoting their business and services across various digital platforms.


A colour palette was chosen which echoed the eco-friendly nature of the website. SInce Yellow represents the pure energy of the Sun and Green is the colour of sustainability and purity, these colours were used. Moreover, different colours were used for different pages based on their sentiment. Appropriate images for the residential and commercial services were put up on the website. Additionally, we put up images of installations Klassic made in Perth, Australia so that coming clients can check the authenticity of their brand before they can book a service. A timer was added to grab more of the audiences’ attention.


A smart savings calculator was devised which can be used to calculate the amount of energy a client might save after he has installed a solar panel at his place. A personalized contact form was also created to take in details of all the users who are interested in any kind of solar service from Klassic Energy. The website was made fully SEO-optimized from the beginning by compressing the images, parsing the javascript and minifying Cascading Style Sheet(CSS), hence increasing the page speed and heightening the performance of the website. A chatbot was created to augment audience interaction.


The website was deployed using the best server architecture so that a single point of failure could be eluded and the website uptime is always high. The website is completely secured by a Secure Socket Layer(SSL) certificate. Best Content Delivery Network(CDN)  standards and caching policies were executed efficiently to deliver the content quickly and without complications. 

Color Scheme


Font used for the website content:  Roboto and Poppins

Customer Review

“Highly Recommended. Meta marketing has been a great company to work with. From the start, it went smoothly. They revamped my website and their consultants have been fantastic. I would be happy to recommend Meta marketing to others.

~Mohit Taldar