Online Education Platform


2Xcell is a leading digital learning solutions provider offering the best of technology to sharpen the young minds. It is transforming the way of learning by syncing students, parents and teachers at a single platform, strengthening the era of digital learning in today’s time. Keeping pace with today’s technology, 2Xcell supports the learners and teachers with its smart learning solution where the learning is imparted through engaging videos, real-life correlations, peer learning, connecting with teachers and interactive test series along with the learner’s performance statistics. It creates an environment where students take responsibility for their own learning.



Business Type

Online Education Platform


  1. Creation of a brand image of international standard
  2. Increasing user engagement for the enhancement of sales
  3. Maintaining an online presence and promoting their business and services across various digital platforms.
  4. Closely collaborate with their sales team to identify their target audience.


Interactive posts and videos were designed to put up on their social media profiles which in turn assisted in augmenting the digital presence of the brand. Insights show a spike in user interaction after we implemented our creatives. Constant discussion meets were held with the sales team to keep both on the same page and to strategize an effective formula for marketing the brand. Constant evaluations were made and the results were constantly optimized in accordance to the changing algorithms.


A detailed analysis of the target audience was made and advertisements catering to the likes and interest of similar traffic were developed on a regular basis. An approximate of 4000 highly-targeted leads were generated every month for a set of new online courses they launched. An online contest was designed with high prizes to increase consumer engagement. Using cost-effective methods, we were able to gather five thousand registrations within a week.


Blogs were created on a tri-weekly basis which instantly impacted the traffic of the website. There was a spike in the number of unique visitors browsing through the website on a daily basis. The entire website content was revamped to increase its readability and improve the ranking of the website insearch engines. Focus keyphrases, meta-titles were written in their optimal lengths further adding to increase in the reach of the website. The content was fully SEO-optimized. Meta-tags, meta description, alt text to images  were researched and added to all the blogs to improve the organic traffic. Also, internal linking and outbound links were taken care of.

Customer Review

“The Meta Marketing team has been extremely efficient in dealing with our website as well as marketing our brand. They have an extremely competent team who are all well versed in their domains and have shown their prowess in design and marketing within this short span. Their practical and impartial outlook on a problem is rare these days and has helped us hugely in creating brand awareness of 2xcell, capturing leads, publishing engaging content on our website as well as social media, and keeping our site well maintained and up to date. We enjoyed our collaboration with them thoroughly and look forward eagerly to more such associations. Wishing them a dazzling future ahead.”

~ Aruna Sharma